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Vertical Blinds

When we started all those years ago Vertical Blinds were known as the ‘office type blind’. They were usually incorporated in a home setting where covering was required on a patio sliding door. Because of its office association the fabrics were very limited in choice and the default fabric width was 5 inch and narrower 3.5 inch width was available at additional cost. We came into the trade in 1991, just when new fabrics and designs were coming onto the market and the concept of pattern and colour transferred onto the smaller slat where it was easier to fit into the recess of a regular size window allowing for slat rotation and draw. Until this moment the domestic market had only really attracted vertical blind choice at patio doors due to the slat width suitability.

Nowadays narrow slat is the norm and 5 inch is the secondary option, although recently we are seeing a resurgence of the wider slat choice. Our vast collection of Vertical Blind fabrics includes a speciality in both the narrow and wide slats together with headrail colour choice, operation and control options, fabric opacity and inherent features. All our Vertical Blinds are manufactured to the highest standard to ensure that you will be receiving the maximum performance that this versatile and functional window dressing has to offer.

Vertical Blind Choice

Functionality as a given we offer our wide ranging collection of Vertical Blind Fabrics knowing that we have the largest selection in the UK by far. One of our specialities is being the nations leading replacement vertical blind slat supplier both to the public and the trade. Everything from plains, colours, textures, designs, patterned, printed, self patterned with variations of opacity from waterproof to flame retardant. So expansive is our selection we have a whole factory dedicated to storage and production.

Even our Vertical Blind hardware is subject to our plenty to choose from philosophy, including coloured headrails, weights and chains, chainless weights, sealed in weights, coloured hangers even invisible brackets on our Senses rails. Guaranteed you will find what you are looking for.