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Pleated Blinds

A lesser know type of blind but probably the most versatile. Not many companies participate in manufacturing Pleated Blinds due to the knowledge and experience required to produce them and also the investment undertaking. In contrast we have embraced the versatility that they offer to the point where we have our own systems and fabrics. With the pleated fabric what we have is the ability to cover unusually shaped windows and non conventional shading where it is required such as conservatory roof or skylight.

Offered in a wealth of colours, prints and qualities the fabrics can be utilised in any room or environment. Included in this versatility we have 'cellular' pleated fabrics that have  inherent thermal and reflective qualities that add extra value to a purchase. Also the fabrics lend themselves to various systems of Pleated Blind application including Perfect Fit, Intu and our very own Pleatlux.

Freehanging Pleated

Very similar to a roller blind operation - up or down - a Freehanging Pleated Blind is a very contained alternative. It has a reduced stack and dimensional footprint but, due to the top fixing bracket, fills out the window perimeter over the roller which produces a gap down the sides to accommodate the side fixing brackets. So essentially the width measurement less around 5mm each side it filled out with the pleated fabric as it can be cut to coincide the head and bottom rail size.

Fabrics on offer can range from sheer, net curtain like qualities, that provide a privacy function during the day to blackout fabrics that eliminate the majority of light and glare. Furthermore the cellular type fabrics, included under the pleated heading, have no visible holes heralding thermal and sound absorption values.

Tensioned Pleated

Pleated and Cellular fabrics do not have to be presented in either Intu or Perfect Fit systems in order for them to have a tensioned format. Instead they can be applied directly to the window frame - upvc, wooden or aluminium - under tension cords.

Advantages that can be gained from this method are the usual reduced footprint and unobtrusive presence, and also the fact that the whole blind can move with the window or door operation. Options include multi directional, sometimes known as bottom up operation where the fabric can be left drawn and stacked anywhere along the drop of the window and of course rail colours.

Pleatlux is our very own tensioned blind system produced to make the most out of the pleated and cellular ranges

Roof & Skylight Pleated

You can apply any type of blind in a conservatory setting and whilst pleated blinds are generally known as conservatory blinds, when it comes to conservatory roofs pleated and cellular fabrics are the only real solution.

Most of the time we find that side blinds are enough in order to provide summer month shading and prevent heat gain and a lot of polycarbonate roofs are self tinted so it is only the side blinds that are required. But occasionally we are presented with clear polycarbonate or glass panel roofs that can prove unbearable in sunny months this is when pleated roof blinds are a considered solution.

Skylight and Rooflights are equally welcoming to pleated and cellular application, generally with this type of window the main requirement is to achieve as much blackout as possible and this is where our performance fabrics are aimed.