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Perfect Fit Blinds & Shutters

Without doubt the Perfect Fit® system is the most innovative method of applying blinds to upvc windows and doors on the market to date. Fitted without the need to drill holes or use screws it has a simple 'snap in' fix that secures the blind against the glass casement, integrating with the window/door itself to the point that it will open and close with the windows and doors as they are used.

Offering a very small footprint because of its unique method of fitting Perfect Fit® is made available to Roller, Cellular, Pleated, Venetian and Day Night window blind types with a further choice of frame colour in white, anthracite, golden oak, mahogany, brown and grey. Extending this fixing method even further our latest addition to the Perfect Fit family is Shutters Lite which enables the neat inclusion of tilting shutters onto the majority of UPVC window frames, having all of the aesthetics of fitted shutters but without the need to hard fix.

Perfect Fit Cellular

Cellular type fabric gives the Perfect Fit system the ultimate in application. Due to the honeycomb structure each cell adds thermal, visual and acoustic qualities to the makeup of the complete blind. Because of the cellular build the tension cord passes through down the centre of the fabric and is therefore not on show externally.

We have various fabrics to offer with the Perfect Fit Cellular range including sheer, dimout and blackout. Operation wise the whole blind is tensioned within the frame with a middle lower/raise handle and can be further optimised by choosing a multi zone control where the blind itself can be drawn from the top down or bottom up even both with fabric gather in the middle of the blind height.

Perfect Fit Cellular is one of our flagship products where we offer our very own brand of speciality fabrics unique to the UK market.

Perfect Fit Venetian

Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds are the choice when the main requirement is to have total control over the operation of the blind. What we have is raise and lower control, again with a tensioned no hanging cord format, with added flexibility by way of the tilt and turn aspect of each slat.

They are suited to all window and door types and have a fairly small stack depth when raised. Particularly good in situations where privacy is required and directional field of vision needs to be maintained either internally or from external viewing.

If venetian is the chosen blind type then Perfect Fit is the best complement of system combination you could have.

Perfect Fit Pleated

Now the Perfect Fit Pleated Blind, like the cellular choice, can be top or multizone in operation and is again under tension with operation by way of a handle on the horizontal rails. As a single thickness fabric the tensioned cord is on view but no so much that it spoils the aesthetics in any way.

Their are lots of fabrics available ranging from plain sheer, diffuse, dimout and blackout to self patterned and printed versions with just as many specifications and inherent qualities.

What sets the pleated adaptation of the Perfect Fit system apart is that the pleating nature of the fabric means that the stack depth is at it's absolute minimum when the blind is not required and out of the way. This is of particular efficiency where top opening or narrow windows require coverage.

Perfect Fit Roller

With the Perfect Fit Roller Blind we are able to offer all of our roller fabrics to form part of the frame system. Limitations do exist on the maximum drop of certain fabrics depending on the thickness of the fabric on the tube when the blind is raised especially where full length doors are involved.

We specifically use a sidewind chain operation over sprung method as it allows for a smoother raise and lower with better height adjustment control. A cleat is fixed to the Perfect Fit frame so that child safety is observed and still no drilling or screws are involved.

As a rule if coverage of small top opening windows is required the roller is probably not the first choice as the fabric headbox reduces the field of vision - pleated, cellular or venetian would be more suitable. However for single pane windows, doors and windows other than opening lights then the Perfect Fit Roller is ideal.