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 Over the past few years we have noticed a sharp increase in demand within our Curtains department. Soft furnishings have suddenly become a room feature with floral and bold patterns and prints dominating choice. Fabric designers are in their element with a constant demand for new creations. In fact we are blown away by the sheer number of fabric collections that now exist to a point that it is impossible to stock everything when it is individual flair that knows no limitations. 

We endeavour to display as many variations that we can in our showroom with the backup of being able to source many other brands and curtain fabrics where possible. So if you have a special request then please allow us to quote for your requirements or at least offer our similar or alternative designs. Very rare do we find ourselves unable to provide a solution in our offering of a bespoke, made to measure and fitting service 

Made To Measure Curtains

Unlike any other type of window covering or shading requirement, Curtains are very much an individual and personal statement when it comes to adding them into your home. Blinds tend to be all about colour and practicality with pattern and print usually called upon when Curtains are not part of the consideration.

With Curtains it becomes an interior feature; a central point of everything else that is going on in a room, decoration and furniture. A statement or a co-ordinated and complimenting mixture of colour, texture, pattern or print.

Possibilities are endless as are the limitless collections of fabrics that cater for the choice and flair belonging to the individual and every unique setting.

Beyond the aesthetics we are also finding that the trend and fashion of window coverings is settling on Curtains once again for several reasons. Main reason we are experiencing is that now we are entering extremes of climate change it tends to be the Curtain option that allows blackout in summer months with opposing thermal and therefore cosiness in winter months. Best of both worlds in a single solution.

Cushion Covers & Accessories

As part of our extended soft furnishing goods we can provide bespoke Cushion Covers, Tie Backs & Runners either as part of a Curtain order or as an individual purchase

This service is offered with fabrics that we stock or are able to source, regretfully we cannot convert Customers own fabric as we cannot guarantee textiles that we are not confident in the origin and therefore the extent to which they are suitable for retail.