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Roller Blinds

In the mind's eye when the word blind is mentioned the majority of us will automatically visualize a roller blind. They are without doubt the earliest form of mechanical window covering and their popularity is foremost today. Whether it is a simple up or down operation is required or the fabric needs to make a design statement it is the solution blind of necessity.

To give you some idea of it's popularity we have a dedicated factory for roller production and a warehouse brimming with the thousands of fabrics. Literally every day we are faced with a choice of new fabrics that we assess whether or not will be included in our ranges on offer. Whenever we present the sample books to our Customers the usual remark is "there are too many to choose from", we take that as a compliment rather see it as a negative.

Standard Roller Blinds

A 'standard' roller blind would be a freehanging situation with a chain sidewind operation, this is now the norm over spring operation of time gone by, although still available as an option the old method of a pull cord toggle and wound spring raise/lower has been replaced with sidewind as first choice.

Fabric choice is never a problem, there are so many to choose from in every variation that can be imagined - plain, self patterned, printed, sheer, dimout, blackout, waterproof, flame proof, thermal even glow in the dark. Once the favoured fabric is determined we can further adorn the blind with a multitude of accessories such as colour co-ordinated bottom bars, braids, cafe rods, scallops even the sidewind and chain can be a colour other than white.

Senses Roller Blinds

Senses is one of the many systems that we use to highlight our fabric ranges combining desirable aesthetic features and sleek design, dressing you window with style

A stylish aluminium fascia which comes in a variety of metallic finishes, the metallic headrail colours are perfectly complemented by the bottombar and endcap finishes which let you style your blind to suit your room. Our accessories range means you can also add a choice of pulls to your blind.

Senses blinds are available in a wide range of operating methods such as Slow-Rise and Motorised options, which are completely child safe, cord and chain free allowing you to operate your blind with complete peace of mind. We also have a selection of wand and tensioned systems which can allow you to use your blind without the need for additional safety components. For use with standard Senses chain operated systems, we have an extensive range of safety components suitable including a chain pulley which secures chain in place, and a control chain safety clip which neatly secures the position of continuous chain to minimise hazard.

Day & Night Roller Blinds

Day & Night, Zebra, Silhouette, Mirage, Visions - many descriptive names and brand names that are attached to this type of roller. Very popular over the last few years they are the new insertion into the Roller Blinds category

This is a unique concept due to the 'open when closed' and 'closed when open' theory behind it's operation - the fabric is made up of alternating bands of mesh into a more dense and closer weave of fabric, the fabric is doubled around a rolling bottom bar. When the blind is raised from a full drop and closed position it only needs to travel a couple of inches to provide a through field of vision where the mesh panels line up and the more dense panels prevent any viewing when they overlap.

This is a very good choice of roller blind when a certain amount of privacy is required from the outside, rather like having a technologically advanced net curtain and blind combination.

Cassette Roller Blinds

We are very often asked for a complete blackout solution in situations where absolute light elimination is required such as night workers, nurseries or home cinema. Blackout roller fabric is just that but within the standard application you will always get perimeter gape and light intrusion however true blackout is available when the fabric is included within a Cassette profile.

Our favoured system of BlocOut™ blocks out light offering you your best sleep in a dark environment, day or night, whatever the season. Engineered side rails and a bottom seal create optimum darkness within the whole of the window aperture.